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Tiahuanaco-Huari (650-800 CE)
Nazca (1-700 CE)
Viscus gold necklace (200 BCE- 200-CE
Chavin stone relief (1000 BCE-200 BCE)
Chancay textile (1200-1450 CE)
Recuay (1-650 CE)
Chimu gold (1000 BCE-1450 CE)
El Lanzn (Chavin) stone (1000 BCE-200 BCE
Chavin (1000 BCE-200 BCE)
Chancay (1200-1450 CE)
Spanish Colonial (1532 CE)
Chincha pot (1200 BCE-1450 CE)
Chimu pot (1000 BCE-1450 CE)
Chimu pot (1000 BCE-1450 CE)
Cuspisnique (1000 BCE-200 BCE)
Moche fineline pot (50-800 CE)
Nazca textile (1 CE-700 CE)
Sican gold tumi (Lambayeque 700-1370 CE)
Inca textile (1200-1532 CE)
Huari textile (600-800 CE)
Colonial textile (1532 CE)
Chimu textile (1100-1450 CE)
Colonial painting (1532 CE)
Viscus pot (200 BCE-200 CE)
Tiahuanaco wall (200 BCE-800 CE)
Inca arybola (1200 BCE-1532 CE)
Huari hat (650-800 CE)
Moche pots (50-800 CE)

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