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Low Phone Bills When in Peru

Elvi Bjorkquist - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Low Phone Bills when in Peru

If you have a need to keep in contact with your business or for personal reasons while in Peru here is how you keep your phone bill low.

Have your regular American landline and mobile numbers forwarded to Skype. If you happen to be at your computer, you receive the calls, in Peru at absolutely no cost. If you leave your computer to enjoy yourself, or just unplug for a while, Skype will automatically re-forward your incoming calls to a prepaid Peruvian mobile phone — which costs $20.

In Peru you pay nothing to receive calls (in most countries outside of the United States, incoming calls do not count as billable minutes, only outgoing calls). You do have to pay Skype the long distance rate for calling a Peruvian cell phone from the United States. That runs $0.30 per minute. But, some of the time you would be happy to pay $0.30 per minute. Yet, for nonemergency calls, you simply tell the caller that you will call them back when you get back to your hotel or home — which costs nothing if done via Skype.

So, for:

$30 cost of Skype per year

$20 cost of disposable Peruvian prepaid mobile phone

$10-$50 Total costs of long distance for forwarded calls to Peru in a month you could live and work in Peru indefinitely.

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